‘Nudity viewers’ asked to leave the Rubens House

Artistic censorship continues to pursue Pieter Paul Rubens. In the 17th century, the Flemish Baroque painter was asked by the Catholic Church to paint camouflaging ‘loincloths’ over certain body parts of his Venus figures. Nowadays, social media networks, including Facebook, go one step further. At the moment it is not possible for us to promote our unique cultural heritage via one of the most popular social media networks. Our art is categorised as being indecent and sometimes even pornographic. This is such a shame as it restricts the promotion of our Flemish Masters. Flanders – the perfect place to enjoy the Flemish Masters in all their glory – is denouncing this artistic censorship in a playful manner. At the Rubens House, ‘nudity viewers’ with a Facebook account were blocked from viewing nudity by a group of “social media police agents”.

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