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Antwerp natives love their beer. Even in Rubens' time

When it comes to brewing beer, no one does it better than the Belgians. Our brewers use the best ingredients (such as hops and malt), but it's mainly their craftsmanship that puts them on the map. And that's why UNESCO has given the Belgian beer culture a well deserved place on the world heritage list.


Drinking beer is part of our culture

Even back in Rubens' day, Antwerp natives loved to drink beer. Seefbier, which has been around since the 17th century, was given a new lease of life in 2012 thanks to a big crowdfunding campaign. The brewery of this Antwerp beer is open to visitors at the Noorderpershuis at the Eilandje. For centuries, this beer was popular in and around Antwerp to the extent that in the 19th century, it gave its name to a new city neighbourhood: Seefhoek. This quarter was renowned for its many pubs and dance halls. Visiting the neighbourhood? Definitely check what's happening at De Roma. This stunning theatre hall takes you back in time. A number of famous Flemish people grew up in this working-class neighbourhood, including the artist Panamarenko, who donated his parental home and its contents to the M HKA. Even Vincent Van Gogh stayed at the Seefhoek for a short while.

The other city brewery is De Koninck; it not only brews beer but also has an interactive experience centre where you can learn everything about Antwerp as a city of beer, Belgian beers, and the entire brewing process. 

Fancy a quality pub crawl in Antwerp?

You are spoilt for choice. This top three will give you a head start. Kulminator is rated in the top 10 of best beer pubs in the world on the American beer website www.ratebeer.com. 
Drink beer under the watchful eye of religious statues in ’t Elfde Gebod. Beer pub ’t Paters Vaetje has a vast selection of beers on offer.

If you're after more than simply tasting Belgian beers… I can highly recommend the following activities:


Hops museum, Gasthuisstraat , Poperinge

Hops museum - Gasthuisstraat , Poperinge - Source


Jenever museum, Witte Nonnenstraat, Hasselt

Jenever museum - Witte Nonnenstraat, Hasselt - Source

Bourgogne des Flanders, Kartuizerinnenstraat, Bruges

Bourgogne des Flanders - Kartuizerinnenstraat, Bruges - Source

Toasting with beers

Toasting with beers - © O. van de Kerckhove

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