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Back to Bruegel - Experience the 16th century

Be sure to plan a trip to Brussels this year because the city is shining the spotlight on the multifaceted painter and printmaker Bruegel.

Back to Bruegel - Experience the 16th century

31 Dec


18 Oct


Hall Gate Brussels

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Bruegel and virtual reality

The 16th century was a turbulent time, marked by rebellions and religious conflict. In his unique, unparalleled style, Bruegel succeeded in capturing the zeitgeist of his era and confronting his peers with the state of affairs. Nowadays, we have other, much more spectacular methods of understanding this time period.

Every visitor who enters the exhibition will receive a pair of virtual reality glasses, which will catapult them into the world of the paintings. Not only will you gain a rare insight into the objects and paintings, but you can also touch, feel and smell them and experience how it was to live in the 16th century.

However, the pièce de résistance is without a doubt the panorama you can view from the parapet of the Halle Gate (the former city gate of Brussels). You'll discover iconic buildings and be able to view a virtual image of the skyline of 16th century Brussels through telescopes, providing you with a hyper-realistic experience. There is also accompanying information available in six languages.

The Halle gate

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