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Bruegel skates on horse jaws

There is no better place to discover Bruegel than in Flanders, the only place where you can still experience local culture and authenticity as it was before.

Take a look at the sled or the skates in the painting 'The Census of Bethlehem' that hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. The skates are made from the bones of horse jaws. This was local practice and also a form of 16th century recycling.

What makes Bruegel so special is not his knowledge and passion for local customs, but the way he paints them so beautifully and lifelike. It is almost like you are sitting at the table and dancing to the music from the bagpipes. His scenes therefore transcend locality and triviality. They became so iconic that even foreign gentlemen (Habsburgers) became interested in Bruegel. This is on of the reasons why the Flemings went down in history as hard workers who were also able to live life well. A unique combination of which half the world was envious.

There is no better place to discover Bruegel than in Flanders, the only place where you can still experience local culture and authenticity as it was before. Our chefs cook with long-forgotten Flemish vegetables and you can enjoy real Brussels waffles, which is what Bruegel first captured in his painting 'The Fight Between Carnival and Lent'.

Bruegel, De telling van Bethlehem

Bruegel, The Census of Bethlehem - © KMSKB


Would you like to learn about more local customs?

Drink a gueuze: It is only in the Zenne Valley just outside Brussels that the right type of wild yeasts float in the air. These yeasts ensure that the gueuze can be brewed. In our capital city, this beer is also known as the 'Champagne of Brussels' because of its festive flavour.

Visit the Brussels Gueuze Museum or one of the many breweries in the vicinity of Brussels. Or would you prefer a customized gueuze tour or to enjoy a delicious glass of gueuze in one of the many bars or beer restaurants?


- A la Mort Subite (Warmoesberg)
- Moeder Lambic
- Delirium Café (Korte Beenhouwersstraat)
- Poechenellekelder (Eikstraat)
- Délices & Caprices (Beenhouwersstraat)
- Toone (Schuddeveldsteeg)
- A la Bécasse (Taborastraat)
- La Porte Noire (Cellebroersstraat)
- Au Vieux Spijtigen Duivel (Alsembergsesteenweg)
- La Roi des Belges (Sint-Gorik)
- L’Amère à Boire (Flagey)
- Dynamo – Bar de Soif (Sint-Gillis)

Beer restaurants

- Les Brigittines
- Restobières
- Nuetnigenough
- Biercircus
- Goudblommeke in Papier


Enjoy the many types of beer that are made in Flanders - © Milo Profi

Browse around the Vossenmarkt
The Vossenplein is situated in the middle of the Marollen district. It is one ofe the best known squares in Brussels thanks to its daily flea market.

Vossenplein, Brussel

Vossenplein, Brussels

Rub the statue of Everard 't Serclaes on Grote Markt square
Legend has it that when you rub the statue, it will bring you good luck.

Grote Markt, Brussel

Grote Markt square, Brussels - © Instagram lina_lee - Source


Discover what life used to be like in the Maagdenhuis, a former orphanage for girls. Not only is the art collection worth a visit, but also the building itself. Plan your visit.

Maaegdenhuis, Lange Gasthuisstraat, Antwerpen

Maaegdenhuis, Lange Gasthuisstraat, Antwerp - © Instagram_lookatartwithme - Source

Taste the delicious creations conjured up by master chef Seppe Nobels using 'long-forgotten' Flemish vegetables. Book a table at Graanmarkt 13.

Graanmarkt 13, Antwerpen

Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp - © Instagram graanmarkt13

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