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Cavendish is also a resident of the Rubens House in Antwerp

After his death in 1640, Peter Paul Rubens' wife and children remained at the Baroque palazzo for a few more years until Lord Cavendish moved in. No, not the famous cyclist...


He simply has the same name and happened to also love sports. He transformed Rubens House into a popular riding school, which attracted nobility from far and wide. Flemish horse breeding still ranks amongst the world's best. 

The Rubens House was once a riding school

The Rubens House was once a riding school - Source


Jump on a bike

If it's biking you're interested in, you've struck gold in Flanders. Flanders is the holy grail of cycling. Bike on the roads that turned locals such as Eddy Merckx, Johan Museeuw and Tom Boonen into heroes (click here to see the routes). Visit the Cycling museum and the Tour of Flanders Centre, and discover interesting biking events to add to your wish list.

Cycling museum, Delaerestraat, Roeselare

Cycling museum - Delaerestraat, Roeselare - Source

Tour of Flanders Centre, Markt, Oudenaarde

Tour of Flanders Centre - Markt, Oudenaarde - Source

Instagram minotauramachia

Instagram minotauramachia - Source

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