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Cycle through the picturesque scenery of Flanders

It wasn't until towards the end of his life that Peter Paul Rubens started painting Flemish landscapes. He no longer had to prove himself and could afford more artistic freedom. He simply painted what he liked. The artist's deep love for the Flemish landscape clearly shows in these late Rubens paintings.


Experience it first hand and cycle through Flanders' picturesque scenery. Be dazzled by the magic light of the morning sun. Flanders is paradise on earth for any cyclist, no matter how (in)experienced they are. Click here for cycle & walking routes and bike friendly B&Bs.

Cycle through Flanders' picturesque scenery

Cycle through Flanders' picturesque scenery - Source

Want to be a real Flandrien?

Flanders is the mecca of cycling, an absolute must. Click here to find the best routes. If conquering the most dreaded hills of Flanders is on your to-do list, don't forget to include the Koppenberg, the Kwaremont, the Kemmelberg, the Kapelmuur and the Paterberg. Or simply cycle the legendary Tour of Flanders. Want to take part? Be quick (register here) as places are limited to 16,000 cycling enthusiasts. This truly international event has an impressive 2,250 British participants and a delegation from the United States, Australia and New Zealand, the Anglo-Saxon countries were well represented during the previous edition in the Flemish Ardennes. Belgium naturally came out top of the list, closely followed by the Dutch. Even exotic destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Taiwan and India had at least one representative.

You could also head to the Sven Nys Cycling Centre (cyclocross) to see if you have what it takes to cycle through the sand pit.

Not feeling quite so sporty, but still have a keen interest in cycling culture? The Tour of Flanders Centre is definitely worth a visit

Instagram cyclinginflanders

Instagram cyclinginflanders - Source

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