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Flemish Masters Museum Tour

In the “Flemish Masters Museum Tour” – the sequel to the “Stay At Home Museum” – you get a virtual VIP tour of one of Flanders’ magnificent museums. A top expert zooms in on fascinating details and tells incredible stories about our heritage.

Watch episode 1: Museum Mayer van den Bergh

Over the course of less than 10 years, Fritz Mayer van den Bergh (1858-1901) collected 6,000 art objects, including masterpieces such as Pieter Bruegel’s “Mad Meg”. Following his death, Fritz’ mother Henriëtte fulfilled his last wish: the plethora of paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and other artefacts would form the basis for a museum – Museum Mayer van den Bergh. Learn about Fritz’ expert eye and discover the art of collecting.

Watch episode 2: St. Peter’s Church, Leuven

Dieric Bouts made—and painted—history in 15th century Leuven. It was there that he created his version of The Last Supper. Never before had a painter depicted this iconic scene on such a monumental scale. It is a masterpiece that demonstrates an exceptional understanding of perspective, and features exquisitely detailed landscapes. The work still takes pride of place in St. Peter's Church, surrounded by gems by the Flemish Masters. Peter Carpeau, an expert in Ancient Art, takes you on a guided tour of the masterpieces and shares stories from this beautiful art-filled church.

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