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Meet Dieric Bouts at home

The Flemish Masters are much more than just Van Eyck, Bruegel and Rubens. Dieric Bouts is another name on that list.

Meet Dieric Bouts at home

15 Mar


31 Dec


Saint Peter’s Church Leuven

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Discover his Last Supper in the place for which it was intended; Saint Peter’s Church in Leuven. Bathing in the same light that has shone through the stained glass windows for centuries.

Plenty of great Flemish masterpieces can be admired in museums all over the world, but there’s nowhere better to discover the Flemish Masters here, where they were created. The fully restored Saint Peter’s Church in Leuven gives you exactly this opportunity. In this imposing Gothic building you’ll find two stunning fifteenth-century triptychs by Flemish Master Dieric Bouts. They hang alongside other historic works of art, all to discover in their original (church) setting.

Dirk Bouts - The Last Supper

Dirk Bouts - The Last Supper - © lukasweb.be - Art in Flanders vzw, photo Hugo Maertens

St.-Peters church, Leuven

St.-Peters church, Leuven - © Toerisme Leuven

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