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Paul Kooiker - Untitled (Nude)

Paul Kooiker's work is characterised by 'observation', voyeurism, shame and distance.

Paul Kooiker at the FOMU - Photo Museum Antwerp

29 Jun


07 Oct


Photography Museum Antwerp


Paul Kooiker - Untitled (Nude)

In light of the 2018 Year of the Baroque, the Photography Museum in Antwerp is organising an exhibition dedicated to the work of Paul Kooiker (the Netherlands, °1964). His work is characterised by 'observation', voyeurism, shame and distance. He uses the old traditions as a starting point and questions the relationship between the artist and model. This project sees him make a unique and one-off trip into the Baroque style of the 17th and 18th century.

Expo Paul Kooiker, Fotomuseum

Expo Paul Kooiker, Fotomuseum - © From the series 'Sunday', 2011 © Paul Kooiker

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