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Peter Paul Rubens, obsessed by beer-loving peasants

Rubens was an avid art collector. A respectable proportion of his collection, some 17 paintings, was devoted to genre painter Adriaen Brouwer (approx. 1605/06 - 1638).


 Brouwer is currently on display at KMSKA, MSK, KMSKB and Groeninge museum, amongst others. Brouwer specialised in satirical scenes of peasants drinking and fighting in pubs. 

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Brouwer's scenes show well-to-do city dwellers how not to behave as townspeople. Rubens was undoubtedly fascinated by the observation skills of his younger colleague, as well as Brouwer's use of colour and loose painting technique. Despite his untimely death at the age of 32, Brouwer's paintings had an important influence on Rubens.

Luckily, it's now fully acceptable for townsfolk to have a beer. What's more, Belgian beer culture has been added to UNESCO's list of world heritage. In other words, raising a glass and drinking a toast is now officially part of our culture in Flanders.

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