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Rubens is a prominent figure on social media

Not only was Rubens a driven artist, he was also CEO of a successful business. Marketing managers weren't around yet in the 17th century, which made showcasing and selling paintings to a wider audience not as straightforward.


My master posted his 'status updates' for his 'followers' by distributing etchings amongst other things. Specialists would cut his finished paintings on a metal plate to then print and distribute them. As vital as it is in this day and age, Rubens spent quite some time sourcing external specialists to create quality 'prints' for his 'social media'. Sometimes prints wouldn't be created until a long time after the painting was completed. Quality advertising campaigns even paid off in the 17th century. There are an impressive 2,500 paintings by Rubens and his studio.

Rubens inspires the Year of Baroque 2018 in Antwerp

I would love to show you around. But we are not only visiting my hometown. If you want to explore Rubens and the spirit of his times, the whole of Flanders has something on offer.

Vandyck_001 - plaatsing zelfportret Rubens

Rubens - © Rubenshuis - Sigrid Spinnox-2 2

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Baroque is not an artistic movement, it's a way of life.

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